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Stormwater detention
& infiltration

Meet Stormwater Quantity and Runoff Reduction Requirements.

Corrugated metal pipe (CMP) is the “go-to” material for the majority of detention and infiltration projects. Contech’s CMP detention and infiltration systems and can be sized and shaped to meet site-specific needs.

  • NCSPA service life guidance of 75+ years for certain materials in recommended environments. Please refer to the Corrugated Metal Pipe Detention Design Guide for additional information.

  • Various pipe coatings and materials are available to accommodate site-specific needs: Aluminized Steel Type 2 (ALT2), Galvanized, CORLIX® Aluminum, and Polymeric.

  • Wide range of gages, corrugations, and shapes, in diameters 12” – 144”.

  • Pipe can be fully or partially perforated for infiltration or groundwater recharge applications.

  • Custom access risers and manifolds provide direct access for maintenance.

  • Outlet control devices can be incorporated within the system, eliminating the need for a separate structure.

  • Customizable - a variety of fittings allow CMP to match most layout configurations.

  • May be designed for heavy loading and high maximum cover.

  • Contributes to LEED points.

  • Available locally; quick turnaround time.

  • The most economical installed solution.

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CMP Infiltration Brochure

Stormwater Line Card

Technical Guides

ALT2 CMP Detention Specification

Galv CMP Detention Specification

Aluminum Detention Specification 

Poly CMP Detention Specification

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