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high density polyethylene (HDPE)

HDPE is lightweight and super-strong.  HDPE is an excellent replacement for heavier and more expensive metal pipe since its resistance is so high. HDPE is one of the most chemically inert plastics and therefore is extremely resistant to chemical attack and corrosion, as well as abrasion, gouging, and scratching.

  • Since CMP weighs less than 10% of concrete pipe, handling and installation costs are greatly reduced. Aluminum has only 1/35 the weight of concrete pipe.

  • Lower labor costs also result from fast and easy joining, joints or coupling bands do not require special skills or tools. Twenty-foot standard lengths mean fewer joints and faster laying.

  • Shop-fabricated fittings save installation time in the field while providing hydraulically efficient junctions.

  • Steel pipe with a heavy-gauge polymer coating; protects against abrasion and corrosion to provide a service life of 100+ years.

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