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Developed over 75 years ago, MULTI-PLATE is available in spans to 26 feet and can be arranged and curved to make a variety of shapes including pipe, pipe-arch, horizontal and vertical ellipses, arches, and underpasses.


product description


  • Spans to 26 ft

  • Variety of shapes, sizes and end treatments
    for any given application

  • Fast, easy, low cost installation

  • Significant load carrying capacity

  • Extensive technical support

  • Economical solution


  • Buried Bridge Structure - Reduces maintenance costs and lowers life cycle costs as there are no bridge deck or joints at the deck/roadway interface.

  • Modular Bridge System - Rapid installation results in reduced overall project costs, delays and detours.

  • Designed “Site Specific” - Meets your site needs in full compliance with AASHTO, ASTM & AREMA design standards for highway and railway use.

  • Easy Site-Adaptability - Flexible layout options to fit within the right-of-way – curve the structure with a stream or adjust for vertical and horizontal clearance requirements.

product documents


Overview of Multi Plates

Bridges & Structures

Emergency Bridge Replacements

Structures Reference Guide

Reline & Rehabilitation

Technical Guides

Spec Sheet

Plate Detail Sheet

Structural Plate Seam Sealant Tape

Structural Plate Galvanized Steel Key-Hole

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