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Snap-Tite pipe features the patented Snap-Tite joining system which will ensure an easy-to-install, reliable, water-tight seal. Snap-Tite is constructed of solid-wall polyethylene pipe and provides flexibility for lining obstructed culverts with the possibility of offset joints or slight bends.


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Several studies have revealed that the largest expense on culvert projects is not the pipe itself, but the installation, inspection, maintenance, road repair, and liability. Because the Snap-Tite Culvert Lining System is so easy to install, it reduces your overall culvert renewal costs. Snap-Tite saves on labor costs by eliminating the time-consuming process of cutting and repairing roads. There’s no need for specialized equipment, so you save money on costly rentals and labor. And just think, during downtimes from mowing or snow removal, your existing highway crews can be productive by lining deteriorating culverts. but don’t take our word for it, examine the comprehensive cost justifications performed by these states.


Snap-Tite has an extremely smooth inside surface and maintains its excellent flow properties throughout its service life due to its excellent chemical and abrasion resistance. Because of its smooth walls and non-wetting characteristics, a higher flow capacity and a reduced friction loss is possible. Snap-Tite typically has a Manning roughness coefficient of 0.009 and a Hazen Williams flow factor of 155. The charts on the following pages demonstrate how the Snap-Tite system gives you a more durable pipe with a smaller ID that carries as much, if not more fluid than the original pipe!

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